Every family deserves to be healthy, safe, and economically secure.

  • Support working families to ensure equal opportunities and access to the assistance they need when it counts the most.
    • The household poverty rate in Portage Township is approximately three times higher than the state of Indiana, with a much lower median income and fewer families with healthcare coverage. Jason believes building economically stable families is essential to creating a strong future. As Trustee, he will ensure working families are a priority and every family receives the same opportunity for a hand-up as they climb the ladder of success.
  • Building a healthier community by partnering with public and private health agencies to provide needed guidance to residents.
    • The Trustee’s office works extremely close with residents of South Bend. Jason believes the Trustee’s office must play a vital role in connecting families with the resources available. Lead in homes, maternal and infant care, and access to other local health organization services are essential to ensure residents are able to build healthier families.
  • Prioritizing public safety efforts to help create safe neighborhoods and relationships that unite community members together.
    • Every resident should have peace of mind knowing their public safety agencies are of high quality and professional. In addition, public safety officials cannot do their job effectively unless they have the trust of the community they serve. As Trustee, Jason will ensure public safety is provided with the needed resources to keep our neighborhood safe while prioritizing good communication and close community relationships with residents.
  • Expanded education efforts to create opportunities for engagement and prevent children and their families from getting left behind.
    • In an increasingly complicated world, parents and caregivers need support to meet the educational, social, and emotional well-being of their families. As Trustee, Jason will seek out opportunities to create relationships and connections between families, providers, and professionals to ensure access and opportunities for these essential services.
Man cutting pipe, Local 172
Critchlow family playing a game together